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PER4MANCE X™ - Sauna Suit | PRO

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Size: Small
Colour: Black

PRE-ORDER TODAY 🚀 Introducing the PER4MANCE X™ Sauna Suit | PRO, a meticulously designed premium suit created by professional athletes in the UK. This upgraded version of the suit features a lighter and more durable fabric, delivering maximum training benefits.

With its optimal heat retention and improved range of motion, the PER4MANCE X™ Sauna Suit | PRO is a game-changer. It reduces the risk of injury while promoting increased circulation and warming of muscles through its scientifically proven ability to elevate blood temperature. This not only aids in weight loss by extending the fat-burning zone but also enhances muscular hypertrophy.

The suit is designed with refined rubberised Velcro wrist straps that offer adjustable support while effectively retaining heat. Elasticated ribs and reflective taping along the body, along with a reflective logo on the back, make it perfect for night runners. Additionally, the suit features convenient pockets and striking silicon logo details, ensuring visibility even in the dark, allowing for training at any time of day.

Get ready to experience the next level of performance with the PER4MANCE X™ Sauna Suit | PRO.