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Welcome to PER4MANCE X™, where unparalleled expertise in sports performance and recovery awaits. Our seamless collaboration extends to commercial gyms, professional athletes, and beyond. Specialising in infrared and steam saunas, cryotherapy, ice recovery, and performance-enhancing products like sauna suits and massage equipment, we bring a tailored approach to elevate both your physical and mental performance.

Our proficiency in this specialised field enables us to craft bespoke solutions, finely tuned to meet your unique needs. Join us on a transformative journey, unlocking your potential, reaching peak performance, and reshaping your boundaries with our tailor-made offerings. At PER4MANCE X™, we're not just a service; we're your dedicated partner in the pursuit of success in sports and fitness. Elevate your game with PER4MANCE X™!

our mission

Our mission at PER4MANCE X™ is unequivocal: to accelerate personal and professional growth by furnishing the tools, knowledge, and support required to attain peak performance in the realm of sports. Whether you're a commercial gym aiming to enhance your members' experience, a professional athlete dedicated to excellence, or an individual athlete aspiring to maximize your potential, PER4MANCE X™ stands as your steadfast partner on this transformative journey.

our expertise

At the forefront of our capabilities is a profound expertise in sports performance and recovery. We seamlessly collaborate with commercial gyms, professional athletes, and beyond. Our proficiency in this specialized field empowers us to offer custom solutions, meticulously crafted to elevate both your physical and mental performance. Join us in unlocking your potential, achieving peak performance, and pushing the boundaries with our tailor-made offerings designed for success in sports and fitness. Elevate your game with PER4MANCE X™.


Expertise: Our team comprises experts in sports science, fitness, and performance optimisation, possessing a profound understanding of the unique challenges and goals faced by commercial gyms and professional athletes.

Innovation: We are consistently pushing the envelope, developing and sourcing the latest technologies and strategies to keep you ahead of the competition.

Customer-Centric Approach: Your success is our success. We prioritise your needs and goals, tailoring our solutions to your unique circumstances.

Community: At PER4MANCE X™, we believe in the power of community. Join our network of like-minded individuals and organisations committed to sports excellence and recovery.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of our clients in the sports and fitness industry. When you choose PER4MANCE X™, you're not just selecting a service; you're choosing a partner committed to helping you and your athletes achieve their greatest potential.

Thank you for considering PER4MANCE X™ as your ally in optimising sports performance and recovery. We eagerly anticipate working with you and being a part of your journey to excellence.


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